Furniture with Contemporary Rustic Design

Feb 18th
Contemporary Rustic Design Ideas

Furniture with contemporary rustic design is a style of furniture which uses the rustic idea in its construction and has a more finished look. This type of furniture uses more finished materials in its construction, and attention is given to finishing the surfaces.
The contemporary choice gives flexibility to people who like the feel of rustic furniture, but are looking for something more refined to suit their taste. Rustic furniture can be a little too rustic for some.
Rustic furniture can be given a contemporary feel in several ways. One way is by finishing flat surfaces such as table tops or seats of chairs. This can be achieved by sanding the surfaces and applying several coats of stain and furniture polish.
The use of milled materials will also help turn a regular rustic furniture piece into a more furniture with contemporary rustic design piece. Many rustic pieces use only round materials in varying stages of preparation, i.e. some remove the bark and sand them, while others leave the bark on.
Milled material can be sanded, treated with stains and then polished. This material can also be textured or carved by hand.
Texturing of milled materials can be achieved by a skilled craftsman using a hand chisel. These textured surfaces can be given a light sanding to remove any rough areas. The more experienced the craftsmen, the smoother the surface that can be produced with a well-honed chisel, instead of using sand paper.
If a person is willing to spend a little extra on their furniture, for a more unique piece, they can have a skilled carver include a relief carving on the surface. If the carving is detailed and carved clean, it will greatly enhance the look. It all comes down to personal taste, all of which is offered on this site.
The use of carvings in furniture can help create a theme in a given space. It also allows a person to customize furniture to their own unique taste so long as they bring their ideas to the furniture producer before the construction is started.
Another technique used to add to the contemporary feel is the use of live sawed milled material. This material is sawed from a log into planks, which are flat on two parallel sides, and the others take the natural shape of the log.
The flat surfaces of live sawed material can be planned to a consistent thickness and then sanded to a smooth surface. This surface can also be textured or carved by skilled craftsmen depending on where it will be used.
Live sawed material can be incorporated into rustic furniture in many different ways. It can be used to create headboards or side rails for beds, and tops for coffee tables, to name a few.
The simple act of sanding, staining and polishing existing pieces of rustic furniture, will give it a more contemporary look. The amount of time and energy put into the finishing of a rustic piece will often make the difference between furniture with contemporary rustic design and the typical rustic furniture that most are used to seeing.

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