Furniture for Minimalist Living Room Design

Jun 8th
Minimalist Living Room Design Photos
Minimalist Living Room Design Photos

The term minimalism was first introduced in the mid-sixties, when it was used to describe the down-striped sculptures of many artists. Today, the term has become a popular interior design style. A minimalist design style calls for clean lines, hard surfaces and low furniture. The elegant style enhances the beauty of your room as well as brings out the effect of natural light. This style proves to be soothing for two reasons, first, there is very little in the room and second, the colors can be used to bring out their natural beauty.

The room has to be designed for relaxation and concentration. Designing your living room is a great way to think about how you want your home to flow. The best living room should have innovative skin texture, clean minimalist design and several light colors. In short, the minimalist living room design can just be the option for you. Read the article further to know the different ways in which you can design your living room the minimalist style.
How to Decorate a Minimalist Living Room Design?

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  • Furnishings are to be kept simple in terms of construction, ornamentation and look. Pick up only the best needed things for the living room. Footstools, occasional tables, plant stands and spare chairs can be excluded from the purview. Choose furniture that offers visual pleasure and comfort, but include only one or two favorite pieces. One or two high-quality pieces of furniture or art can be substituted for mass-produced bookcases, shelves or entertainment centers.
  • Choose sofas and easy chairs that are plain and simple. You can go for chairs with curved backs and straight legs.
  • Skip the toss pillows. If needed, use a couple of unembellished ones and forget the fringe, lace and flounces.
  • Put away the coffee and end tables also. You can consider the Parsons Styles, simple cubes of wood, laminate and clear acrylic or glass-topped and stone-topped metal tables.
  • Spare the floor coverings and wall treatments. A simple area rug on a hard-surface floor would just be perfect.
  • Paint the walls in one color. Choose a soothing neutral color to get a minimalist look.
  • Go for simple designed lamps and shades. Tiffany styles and faceted crystals are a no no. Lamp bases made of plain ceramic or wrought iron and contemporary, spare brass designs work well with the minimalist style.
  • Use recessed fixtures, like cans, for ambient lighting. Ornate chandeliers and fussy shades over faux-candle lights do not enlist the minimalist designs.
  • Let the windows be simple or leave them bare for maximum natural lighting. Various options for the windows could be tab-top curtains on a simple wrought-iron pod, plantation shutters, 2-inch-wide wood blinds and Roman shades.
  • Remove all unwanted clutter from your living room. Abundant pictures on the walls and tabletop tchotchkes should all be removed. They just do not form a part of the minimalism. Instead of small clusters of pictures, a single large picture on each wall would be better.
  • Floral chintz, shelves packed with knick-knacks, and ornate wrought iron just have to be removed from the living room.
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Minimalist living room design centers on simplicity, clean lines and a lack of clutter. Many of the items found in a traditional living room will be absent in the minimalist style. Throw pillows, knick-knacks, side tables, and lamps are replaced by open spaces and a few utilitarian pieces of furniture. A minimalist living room is generally Spartan in design, but it can still be comfortable and inviting. A final benefit of a minimalist living room is that clean counter space and a few tables make it difficult to lose one’s keys or wallet.

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