Furniture and Interior Ideas for Billiard Room Design

Jan 31st
Types Of Billiard Room Design
Types Of Billiard Room Design

Billiard room can be a great entertaining area for family and friends as well as a stylish addition to the house. To create a stylish billiard room design you need to assess the amount of space in the chosen room and make a floor plan that will determine the future design. Moreover, if you have a billiard room, make design of your billiard room fun, inviting and functional by filling it with furnishings that can aid in playing games, fits a theme, or are comfortable and relaxing.
Furniture Choices for Billiard Room Design
Billiard Table – Billiard table doesn’t have to be green anymore. With all the design options out there billiard pools come in various colors and materials. There are even modern transparent tables. It all depends on what style the room will be designed in. If you just want to add a billiard table to the living room tries to choose the one that best fits the room decor.
A Bar – Stock this room, not only with billiard table, but with refreshments as well. A bar, which you can purchase or make yourself, is an ideal piece of furniture for this room. Stock the bar with spirits, sodas, peanuts and chips, welcoming your friends to spend a few hours enjoying themselves.
Over-Sized Sofa – An over-sized sofa is definitely a key piece of furniture to consider placing in your game room. A sectional sofa or an extra-large, over-stuffed sofa is a comfortable and inviting spot where you and your friends can enjoy watching the big game and all the highlights.
Interior Ideas for Billiard Room Design
Mood Lighting – Lighting is important to the design of a billiards room. Above the pool table, use a traditional hanging lamp to add character to the room: Look for large, long lamps or a fixture with three separate shades. The purpose of this lamp is to shine on the table so that players can easily see their next move. For a traditional touch, look for shades with paned glass in greens and oranges. Around the room, place accent lights to create a soft feeling–this leaves the focus on the table. Look for individual wall-mounted lamps, recessed pot lighting or standing lamps.
Kitschy Art – A billiards room is an excellent place to use retro, kitschy or funky wall art. Look for bold designs in muted but saturated colors, like old magazine covers, album art or prints of retro posters. You might also consider using old signs, large metal lettering or a chalkboard for scoring. If your billiards room will double as a family room or alternate living space, bring items that reflect the family’s interests, like framed photos or antique sports equipment.
Seating Areas – For alternate players, spectators or casual observers, add a seating area. Choose chairs that will be comfortable for spectators during prolonged periods of play, and place a table between to hold drinks and snacks. If you have a bar in the billiards room, be sure to add several high stools to promote conversation with the person behind the bar and serve as a place to watch the game.
Deep Colors – The traditional billiards room has a dark, cave-like feel that evokes imagery of playing pool in a dark basement. For a more sophisticated take on the basement idea, use rich, dark colors. Look for dark brown molding and furniture, and use furniture in rich, heavy leathers. Paint the walls a dark shade of green, maroon or even blue.
Basic Walls – If you prefer that your billiards room be more of a multipurpose space, start with a basic wall color that is not too bright, like a muted gray or neutral shade of brown. This allows you to have a room that does not feel like a cave, and allows you to add traditional billiards-room accents: dark curtains, shelves in a dark wood finish or potted plants to add a touch of dark green.
When designing a billiards room, the options are endless. You can go with a traditional dark room, choose a brighter room with deeper accents, or create a look that is uniquely your style. As you create a billiard room design, plan for the different uses of the room and consider the needs and comfort of your friends and family who will be both playing pool and observing.

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