Five Advantages of Kitchen Bamboo Flooring

Jun 10th
Custom Kitchen Bamboo Flooring
Custom Kitchen Bamboo Flooring

At this time of year, many homeowners embark on home remodeling projects. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling top the rooms that people like redesigning. More than likely, these rooms receive a lot of attention because they are the places that receive a lot of foot traffic. People are opting for bamboo wood flooring for their bathroom projects, but they have numerous reasons to consider adding bamboo wood floors to their kitchens as well. The benefits of kitchen bamboo flooring go beyond the beauty they can add to home kitchens.

 Bamboo Flooring for Kitchen

Green Product – One of the primary benefits of bamboo wood flooring in the kitchen or any other room in the home is that it is an eco-friendly, green building material. Unlike most trees that take years to mature and harvest for wood, bamboo wood grows quickly, making harvesting it less of a detriment to the environment. In addition to its fast maturation, other parts of bamboo plants can be used for livestock feed.

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Bamboo Flooring in Kitchen

Cost – Bamboo laminate flooring costs less than many of the traditional types of flooring people use to design their kitchens. At some hardware stores, kitchen bamboo wood flooring costs between $1 and $3 per square foot.

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Bamboo Kitchen Floor
Easy to Maintain – The kitchen is one room in the house that seems to get dirty as soon as it is cleaned. People who cook know that dishes pile up in the sink and countertops, stoves and floors constantly become victims to stains. Depending on the kitchen’s location in the home, this is the first room people enter, tracking in dirt and other outdoor things on the bottoms of their shoes. Unlike pine or vinyl wood flooring, kitchen bamboo flooring is easier to clean and maintain. When cured, bamboo wood is strong and withstands constant foot traffic. Cleaning bamboo floors is as simple as running a vacuum over the surface to pick up any dirt or diluting dishwashing liquid in water to maintain the floor. Ice can be used to remove gummy or gooey messes on the floor. To prevent floor damage, avoid waxes, cleaners containing oil, acid, or caustic ingredients that would ruin the wood’s natural finish.

Elegant Kitchen with Bamboo Flooring
Moisture Resistant – Moisture builds in kitchens from ovenand stove-top cooking, running the dishwasher and even doing laundry if it is located near the kitchen. Moisture problems amplify for people living in humid climates. Many of the woods used for kitchen remodeling projects swell when subjected to excessive moisture. However, bamboo fibers do not swell due to moisture. This fact is demonstrated when you look at many of the Asian countries that have used bamboo flooring for years. Many of these Pacific Rim countries have humid climates and bamboo withstands this climactic torture.

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Kitchen Bamboo Flooring
Durability and Longevity – Bamboo laminate wood flooring for the kitchen is durable and lasts longer than many other types of flooring. Because bamboo wood is harder than many flooring materials, it can take a lot of pressure from constant use and dents less often than other lumbers. It even withstands scratching from moving furniture over its surface. Because bamboo flooring takes a lot of punishment, it does not have to be replaced as often as other types of wood flooring.

Kitchen Flooring Bamboo
As you can see, the benefits of bamboo wood flooring for the kitchen extend to the environment and the homeowner. This plentiful flooring material reduces the amount of tree waste, thus helping the environment. Homeowners spend less money on a material that is easy to clean and lasts a long time. With all of the advantages of using kitchen bamboo flooring, this is a reasonable option for anyone considering remodeling their kitchen area.

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