Finding the Right Multifunction Furniture Small Spaces

May 16th
Sofa Bed
Sofa Bed

Having a small house doesn’t mean you can’t do a lot of things about it and make it the best house you ever see. To be able to feel comfortable and relax in small house is easy but you need to choose the right furniture and decoration in order to be able to create good atmosphere and making each of your room cozy even with the limited space available. If you are looking for the smartest and most practical multifunction furniture small spaces, check these inspirational ideas out.
Gallery of Multifunction Furniture Small Spaces
One of multifunction furniture that will be a great solution for your small space is a contemporary futon. Futons originated from the Japanese Culture. In Japan, futon was a thin mattress that they used to sleep in floors at night and will be roll out in the morning. But, now futon changed into a comfortable sofa that usually used at living room and can transformed into comfortable bed when you need it. Futon very recommended for small space. You may be able to find this type of furniture is a perfect match with any modern coffee tables.
Multipurpose furniture is always more fun than single-function stuff. Bookseat is made of bent plywood with an ecoskeleton-like core for storing dozens of magazines and books.
Having hidden storage is one of the solutions to having a small space. It is a good idea to prioritize and you may want to use closets space for clothing or items that you need to access all the time. This Storage Bed from BoConcept provides plenty of space for storing bedding, clothing or anything else that you need to store. The raisable bed frame provides easy to access your things. BoConcept’s Storage Bed with raisable frame and slats. Base is available in white lacquer, black-stained oak and walnut. Available in Queen and King sizes from $1,649.
It’s a multi-purpose sofa designed for laptop users. The armrests fold inward and turn into laptop shelves, while the back rests can be folded and configured to face the same way, in the traditional sofa configuration, or in opposite directions, like a love seat. The back rests can even be folded down, turning the sofa into a coffee table. There’s storage space underneath the seats as well.
Hiding clutter is very important as unattended clutter can make a space seem smaller. The Functional Coffee Table allows you to store small objects such as books or remote controls. The separate table tops lift up to provide flat, raised and stable surfaces for dining or working. Available from BoConcept, Functional Table comes in white lacquer, walnut, black-stained oak and wenge veneer. Dimensions:13″H x 44 3/4″W x 31 1/2″D. From $1,099.
Modern storage and rustic charm. From Casita, a cleverly outfitted multi-purpose pine kitchen storage unit stained to look like something from the past, for the anti-IKEA set in search of space-saving remedies for the contemporary kitchen. The top piece can be closed to give a more streamlined look when not in use if your kitchen is in view of your living space. And it opens up to reveal built-in attributes like hidden counter space, lots of drawers, wine storage, an extra pull-out cutting board, a utensil rod, plus dishtowel racks on the side for easy access.
Using room dividers is an effective way of delineating areas. While they don’t take up a whole lot of valuable floor space, they provide extra room for storing books and office supplies or displaying accessories. The Amari room divider from BoConcept can also serve as a bookcase, makeshift office or a place to dine. It is available in black-stained oak and white lacquer. Dimensions: 41 1/2″Hx67″Wx18 3/4″D. From $1,499.
The best part about small spaces is the creativity that comes from being resourceful with a small amount of square footage. This fold down Ping-Pong table in a door and thought it was a great way to work in a game, with a floor plan that wouldn’t normally allow it.
Because the more the interior space is limited, the more we need practical furniture; multifunctional furniture seems to be the best solution to optimize the small space, to get two functions in one piece and to save as much space as we can. For those who want to have comfortable room but only have small spaces which not able to have couches inside the house, then you might want to consider having a multifunction furniture small spaces.

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