Finding the Right Baby Room Wallpaper

Aug 2nd
Chic Right Baby Room Wallpaper
Chic Right Baby Room Wallpaper

The moment you realize you are pregnant is an extremely exciting time. Lots of people just run out the very second they learn the news to tell all their friends and relatives about this exciting event. Others tend to rush to the nearest store, straight to the home improvement department and try to get the best possible baby room supplies so that they can have it ready for the new arrival. This includes baby room wallpaper.
It is usually an enjoyable experience to organize and prepare a nursery for your beloved baby. As there is an abundant choice available everywhere for the adorable nursery decors, it may be better to choose the actual baby-room wallpaper before you start getting all the other items for the nursery.
The main reason for suggesting doing the walls first is because the design of the entire baby-room is based on that. Actually the walls and the floor are the most important and the hardest to choose. After that all the rest comes into place in a kind of easy and natural way.
Consider taking your time for those decisions. The choice of baby-room decorations seems to be virtually endless and this makes it even harder. Not to mention that apart from getting something suitable for your baby you also have to like it yourself. Keep in mind that your baby will also have its own taste, being a separate individual and it already becomes a kind of impossible task.
Stages of Decorating Room with Baby Room Wallpaper
Unless you luck up on a great closeout sale and pick up some discontinued rolls or have a super discount coupon, nursery wallpaper is more expensive than paint. When money is tight it’s so easy to just paint and forget it. But if you really have your heart set on wallpapering your baby’s room, why not decorate the walls a bit at a time? The advantages are that the room always has something new to keep it fresh and interesting.
Here’s how to decorate the nursery walls without spending a lot of money at one time.
(1) Put a fresh coat of paint on all of the walls and then:
(2) Hang a wallpaper border all the way around the room
(3) Decorate one wall with the coordinating nursery wallpaper
By taking the three step approach in decorating the walls, you will have a custom nursery that was managed with little demand on your time or budget.
The most stylish baby room wallpaper for girls at the moment is very understated and feminine. Tiny pink bows, damask and toile are very popular. The most popular wallpaper for baby boys are jungle themes with wild animal patterns, baby farm animals for farm and nursery rhyme themes and super hero murals are really hot right now.
Even if money is not an issue, you take how long you will be living in the house into consideration. If you plan to move before baby is out of the nursery, hanging expensive nursery wallpaper on the walls might not be the best or smartest move.
When it comes time to stage your house to sell, you may find yourself removing baby wallpaper and re-painting the walls in neutral paint colors to make it attractive to potential buyers.
All right, you’re going to stay awhile, do you frequently change decor? If you enjoy redecorating your baby’s rooms at the drop of a hat, removing wallpaper may complicate things a bit. Consider that a baby’s rooms will change according to age, so a subtle easy to clean baby room wallpaper as a background will grow with your child and be practical, too.

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