Fifteen Inspiring Ideas of Island Kitchen Design

Aug 8th
Twin Islands
Twin Islands

An island is a great way to add work surface, storage, and dining space to a kitchen. Take a look at a few of our

Inspiring Pictures of Island Kitchen Design

Architectural Details
An island is a good place to add architectural details like decorative brackets.

15 Picture Gallery: Fifteen Inspiring Ideas of Island Kitchen Design

 Seamless Construction
You can be creative and custom when selecting materials for your island. Wrapped in three slabs of limestone, this island has very clean, modern lines.
Picture Three: Decorative Cut-Out

 Decorative Cut-Out
A decorative countertop edge adds style and softens the corners of an island.

 Free Standing Furniture
Not ready to commit to a built-in? Use a freestanding furniture piece as an island. This allows you more flexibility, and the open base has a lighter look than an enclosed model.

 Contrasting Colors
Don’t feel obligated to use the same finishes on the island as you use on the cabinets. Here, a bright blue paint and copper countertop highlights the island.
Picture Six: Contemporary Design
 Contemporary Design
Use modern materials like stainless steel to accent an island with a contemporary edge.
Picture Seven: Cottage Casual

 Cottage Casual
Vintage-inspired materials like beaded board give a new kitchen a sense of history.
Picture Eight: Clear View

 Clear View
An open island gives you quick visual access to all of your pots and pans.

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 Moveable Island
For a more versatile workspace, put your island on locking casters.

 Two Levels Island Design
You can separate your prep area and eating space by terracing your island. When you have help in the kitchen, pull the chairs away for a workspace of a more kid-friendly height.

 Practical Ideas
Here are a few more things that you might want to consider including in your island design: avoid draping cords across walkways by installing electrical outlets in your island, a built-in wine chiller is a convenient feature for entertaining, or install a microwave underneath the island surface.

 Mixed Materials
Mixing materials on an island adds interest and helps to highlight one particular area. Here, a drum cupboard made from cat’s paw character oak with a walnut chopping block stands out from the rest of the painted kitchen and is the perfect place for preparing food.

 Breakfast Bar Island
A slim breakfast bar lends an extra function to this violet laminate island. Finished in a different color to the rest of the worktops for contrast, it sets itself apart from the working areas of the kitchen. The surface also extends from the unit and continues down to the floor for a sleek look.

 Modern Island
Recessed cabinetry stops this Mandarin Island from feeling too imposing and is great if you don’t need the whole area of the unit for storage. White quartz worktops allow dark flooring to be used without the room looking heavy. This Crystal kitchen from Scavolini has glass doors to reflect light.

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 Twin Islands
Double islands are a smart way to maximize workspace without the inconvenience of having to walk round one huge piece. This kitchen from the Intuo range by Ewe has its anthracite matt lacquer units tailored for different purposes — one for cooking and one for food preparation, complete with a built-up sink.
The best island kitchen design is an island that can add storage, counter space and functionality to your kitchen. Even a small kitchen may work better with an island. Kitchen islands can be professionally installed, purchased or built on your own with materials from your local home improvement center. Smart design will make your island work center a good use of space and improve your enjoyment of the room at the center of your home.

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