DIY Curtains Design

Apr 24th
Curtains Design Black And White
Curtains Design Black And White

The idea of sunlight getting into the living room or bedrooms may seem pretty and natural but that can be troublesome and blinding at times, so curtains are one of the best window coverings and are also essential items that can be used for enhancing the grace and elegance of your home, if you wish to have complete privacy in your room, you can use cotton curtains.

Deciding upon your budget is also an important decision to make before purchasing curtains. Curtains can be made from varying thicknesses of fabric, such as loosely woven polyester voile or a cotton lace. Curtains were highly customized items before. Though there are still those who prefer to have their curtains custom-made, there are tons of ready-made curtains available in shops now. But for you who love designing your own curtains, below we give you some ideas of DIY curtains design 2017.
The Ideas of Curtains Design 2017, Do-it-yourself curtains design 2017 and drapes are easier to make than you might think. With a little bit of fabric, a staple gun and some creativity, you can fashion an interesting look for your home. These projects can all be done without making a single stitch.
Turn patterned cloth napkins into a kicky pair of curtains by joining their edges with jeans rivets spaced every 2 inches. Then add large grommets or rivets along the tops of the panels and thread onto a curtain rod. You can buy rivet and grommet kits at fabric stores. To install, cut a small hole in the fabric, insert both pieces of the rivet or grommet, and use the tool that comes in the kit to press them together.
Use kicky kitchen dish towels for fun window treatments. Simply clip drapery hooks to the top edge of a dishtowel and hang from a cafe curtain rod. The towels are easy to remove for washing and can also be changed out seasonally. Plus, when you’ve decided to move on to a different window treatment, the towels can be used for their original purpose of drying dishes.
The buttons and burlap that jazz up these plain white tab-top cafe curtains come right off when it’s time to wash them. That’s because the buttons are attached with magnets rather than sewn on. Tie hemp cord through each button, and then glue a magnet onto the back. Cut burlap into a strip 1-1/2 inches wide and pull off a few of the long threads to fringe the edge. Lay the burlap on top of the curtain and hold it in place with a magnetic button at each tab.
Romance a window with a pretty curtain made from a tablecloth. Look for a square or rectangular one with tassels, ruffles, or scallops they’ll add instant detail that you don’t have to sew on. Cut the tablecloth into two panels. (A 60-inch square cloth is handy because you can just cut it in half.) Hem the cut edges with iron-on seam tape, and hang with drapery clips.
Made from shawls found for $8 each, these panels are an inexpensive alternative to custom window treatments. Cut away the fringe from one end of each shawl and hot-glue decorative trim along the raw end. Hang from clip rings.
Velvet ribbon in three sherbet shades turns plain white tab-top curtains into an elegant treatment. To create the look, lay out the panels and attach horizontal bands of ribbon with fabric glue. To make the ties at the top, cut the tabs off, then cut six evenly placed, 1-inch horizontal slits across each panel. Finish by cutting V shapes out of the ends of each tie.
Add drama to a room by hanging tab-top panels embellished with a grid of ribbon and rickrack. Choosing natural colors and textures keeps the boldness of the pattern in check. Measure carefully and plan ahead for proper ribbon placement. Each X design extends from side to side and repeats three times from top to bottom. Glue down all the caramel-color ribbon first, then center and glue on lengths of lime green rickrack. Finish by gluing a large button at each intersection. For a nicely finished edge, cut the ribbon 1 inch longer than needed, wrap it around the edge of the curtain, and glue it on the back. Finish the look with a button of your choice. We chose a wooden button to complement the caramel-color ribbon.
Confining the embellishment to the edges of this Roman shade keeps the look clean. As the shade is raised, the ribboned edges fall into graceful pleats. We combined several different widths and colors of ribbon. After planning the design, stretch the shade out on a flat surface and glue the ribbons around the outside edges one layer at a time. Allow the ribbons to extend an inch beyond the shade width so they can be folded over and glued to the back for a finished look.
Dress up purchased panels with a fun stencil. Lay a panel out flat, with Kraft paper underneath it to absorb extra paint. Place the stencil on the panel and use fabric paint to paint on the design.Fresh curtains throughout the house just seem to make the place brighter and smell great, and can inspire us to take on other cleaning tasks. The ideas of curtains design 2017 hopefully bring inspiring designs for you and you will get a brighter home afterward.

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