Designing Stylish Silver Kitchens with Sky Blue Touch

Jul 31st
Modern Designing Stylish Silver Kitchens
Modern Designing Stylish Silver Kitchens

If you’re redesigning your kitchen, begin by selecting a color palette. The color palette serves as the backdrop for the space and sets the tone for the room. For a cool, yet inviting kitchen, choose the color combination of sky blue and silver. Infuse these colors throughout the different areas of the space to create stylish silver kitchens that you and your family are sure to enjoy.

Concepts for Designing Stylish Silver Kitchens with Sky Blue Touch

 Cool Silver Kitchen Design Idea
Walls- Begin your sky blue and silver kitchen by adorning the walls. You can use a few ways to combine these colors on the walls of your kitchen. Paint the walls sky blue, and use silver as an accent color on the trim, or use silver with stencils to create patterns on the walls. Another option is to select wall paper that features sky blue and silver, and use it to cover the walls of the room.

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 Duality Silver Kitchen Design
Appliances – Appliances are obviously a large aspect of the kitchen, and, when decorating a sky blue and silver kitchen, you can incorporate the colors into the space through the appliances. One obvious choice for the appliances in this color-themed kitchen is stainless steel. Stainless steel appliances will give your kitchen a sleek, modern look. Another option for appliances in this kitchen is sky blue appliances. These appliances are an ideal choice if you want to create a funky retro kitchen.

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 Glossy Silver Kitchen Island
Textiles – Incorporate sky blue and silver touches in your kitchen with textiles. Drape a sky blue tablecloth over your table, and set a silver runner or place mats on top of it. Hang sky blue curtains on silver curtain rods, and suspend them over the windows. Place seat cushions that feature sky blue and silver patterns on top of your chairs. Drape sky blue dish towels over the handle of the stove and on hooks near the sink. Place sky blue area rugs in front of the sink, stove and the countertop you use most often.

 Stylish and Luxurious Silver Kitchen
Accessories – Accessories complete the look of the kitchen, giving it a homey feeling and a finishing touch. Fill a silver bowl with sky blue glass beads, place a pillar candle on top and use the arrangement as a centerpiece. Set stainless steel canisters on the countertop for storage. Frame a painting that features a large amount of sky blue in a silver frame, and hang it on a wall. Hang a silver chandelier over your table, and suspend sky blue ornaments from it.

 Walnut and Silver Kitchen Design
Today, it is easy to find appliances, tiles and countertops that can help you do either a partial or complete stylish silver kitchens with sky blue touch remodel. Adding even a few sky blue and silver highlights to your kitchen can give it a whole new look.

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