Designing Baby Girl Bedrooms and Find the Best Furniture

May 17th
Traditional Style Baby Girl Nursery Furniture
Traditional Style Baby Girl Nursery Furniture

Designing baby girl bedrooms involves planning for the things you and your baby will do there, choosing the furniture you’ll need, and selecting a theme and color palette. One of the most important things to remember is that while it needs to be safe and stimulating for your baby, it also needs to be comfortable and welcoming to you. You’ll need to make sure that it’s easy and convenient for you to meet your growing baby’s many needs: changing diapers, feeding, rocking, encouraging tummy time. Give yourself time to think through what you need and want in your nursery. Your second trimester is the perfect time to gather inspirational images and begin planning.
Designing Baby Girl Bedrooms
Plan Your Space – After you’ve chosen the crib, changing table, seating and other essential furnishings for your nursery, plan your layout carefully. Remember, there will probably be many times when you’re in there late at night, so make sure you arrange extra blankets and diapers so they’re well organized and easy to access. Growing babies spend lots of time on the floor; set up an area with a plush rug where you can let her roll around with her favorite stuffed animals and rattles.
Consider hanging a pretty mobile or a few pieces of artwork near your rocker or glider so your baby has something to gaze at while you rock and cuddle her. Think about ways to create displays of wall art and family photos (black-and-whites are a great choice for infants), in arrangements that will be easy to add to as your baby grows. It’s a great idea to mix in a little bit of the old with the new in your nursery, by including a couple of storybooks, favorite wood toys, a quilt or a shadowbox display from your own childhood. It’ll add depth and family warmth to the room as a whole.
Choose a Color Palette and Theme – Look for a fabric, piece of art, or photograph that inspires you, and use that as your starting point. Choices of themes are endless – from butterflies to flowers to something as simple as polka dots. Consider the style of the rest of your home and choose a palette that works in harmony. Paint the walls a soothing color, and consider adding personalization with a custom stencil graphic or your baby’s name.
Limiting bright colors to an accent wall or a few accessories will open up your possibilities for change later. You can also bring your theme to life with playful decals, a colorful rug or curtains in a coordinating color. Reinforce the look with collections, accessories and art. Even small details – like light fixtures and drawer pulls – can have a big impact.
Think Ahead – Your baby will be up and moving around before you know it. To prepare, choose furniture and motifs that will transition effortlessly from infant to toddler and eventually to child. Select larger furniture pieces in white or wood tones that are appropriate for any age or style. Look for cribs that convert to toddler beds and furniture that adapts to your needs. The glider or rocker that works well in your nursery can make for cozy movie watching later in the living room. Accessories, such as pillows, lamps and bedding, can be easily swapped out when your child’s needs and interests change.
Choosing the Best Furniture for Baby Girl Bedrooms
When choosing furniture for the girl nursery, keep in mind that it will have a big impact on the room’s style, setting the tone for a contemporary, classic, whimsical or vintage-inspired space. Begin with crib selection. Because of its prominence and frequent use, the crib will have the most influence on the room’s style and traffic flow.
Finish is an important consideration. White is bright and clean, and can be a great choice if your textiles have deeper colors or vivid patterns. Darker wood tones have a bolder, more classic presence, offering rich contrast with white or pastel crib bedding.
Buying a new crib ensures that the crib will meet current safety standards. Look for features that grow with your child – a height-adjustable mattress and the ability to convert to a toddler bed will save you effort down the line. Many styles can convert further, to a headboard or even a headboard and footboard, increasing longevity.
Buying a changing table and crib from the same collection gives the nursery a cohesive look, but don’t be afraid to combine collections. Matching finishes can tie the look together. Choose a changing table with easily accessible shelves, cabinets or drawers, so you can reach what you need with one hand while keeping your other on your baby. Many have a removable top for easy conversion to a dresser.
When buying furniture, take your comfort into consideration. An upholstered chair or glider is perfect feeding or cuddling. Next to the chair, place a floor lamp and a side table to hold items such as burp cloths, water and books.
Designing baby girl bedrooms provides a special place for her to come home to. The space should make you feel happy and relaxed so she will feel the same way, as she will pick up on your feelings. Choose decor and furniture that fits in with your style, whether it’s traditional, elegant, modern, simple or eclectic.

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