Designing an Alice in Wonderland Bedroom

Apr 14th
Winter Wonderland Bedroom Design
Winter Wonderland Bedroom Design

Perhaps you have a daughter who has some exciting interests of Alice in Wonderland. You can create a fantasy bedroom that makes those interests come alive. Even when you’re on a budget, the fantasy Alice in Wonderland bedroom you create can thrill your child.
Ideas of Alice in Wonderland Bedroom
Select posters or drawings that illustrate Alice in Wonderland. For a nature-based room, pick posters of nature and plants that reflects the movie. Some of these are available through the wildlife service in your area, and look as though they’re hand-painted. For a more interesting fantasy room, posters and drawings of the characters will work well. You can even make some pretend posters of hatter party tea with your daughter listed in the cast.
Make custom curtains for the rooms with fabric that reflects Alice in Wonderland. For a nature-based Alice Wonderland room, make curtains from burlap or mosquito netting or forest pictures. For a more romantic fantasy room, use drapes made from crinoline or inexpensive fabric that resembles silk.
Paint murals on the walls of the characters of Alice in Wonderland to further add detail to the fantasy room. These murals can be pictures of individual scenes, or trompe l’oeil where the walls seem to transport the view into another world.
Choose furniture that reflects the theme for the room. You can create a red kingdom bedroom, white kingdom bedroom or tea party bedroom.
Furniture for Alice in Wonderland Bedroom
Tea Cup Chandelier – Perfect for a dining room or for your little girl’s bedroom, this tea cup chandelier, ($196) has light pink, blue and yellow accents, making it a whimsical piece that gently invites attention.
Backwards Clock – When it seems there just aren’t enough hours in the day, give you some comic relief with The White Rabbit’s Backwards Clock, ($34). The newest edition to the company’s Alice in Wonderland clocks, this timeless piece runs in reverse and features backwards numbers. Watch the second hand go backwards or view in a mirror to see it as a normal clock! Made of birch, the backwards clock is designed at the studio and signed by the artist.
Chesire Cat Tapestry Wall Hanging – Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s unforgettable Alice in Wonderland character, this fabric illustration of the Cheshire Cat ($109) talking to Alice brings the fairytale into your home. Hang it in the entryway so it’s the first thing you see when you come home from a hard day or put it on the wall in your bedroom to give you fairytale dreams.
Whimsical Bookcase – Known as Bookcase No. 5, ($1,625) from Dust Furniture, this wavy shelving solution will give you the illusion you’re floating into a fantasy. Standing 61 inches tall, this one-of-a-kind bookcase comes in six eye-catching colors or can be custom-painted to suit your fancy.
Fantasy Mirror – If you’re a fan of Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, you’ll love another one of Dust Furniture’s creations. Known as Mirror No. 3, ($138) this fantasy-inspired mirror comes in ochre or a custom color of your choice.
Queen of Love Chair – Add fairy tale accents to your home with a few of Posh Living’s Queen of Love chairs, ($895) available in 11 bold colors. Made of eco-friendly materials, these comfy, whimsically crafted chairs can give your home or patio fairytale flair.
Little Prince of Love Ottoman – Made by the same Italian artists who designed the Queen of Love chairs, the Little Prince of Love Ottomans, ($450) are a must-pair for the chairs, so you can kick your feet up and float away into daydream land.
Even if you can’t literally live in a fairytale world, you can still decorate your bedroom so it’s a fairytale haven. When reality is giving you the blues, this Alice in Wonderland bedroom décor will turn your space into a whimsical place that gives you a marvelous escape.

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