Designing a Kitchen Rustic Mediterranean

Jul 4th
Awesome Kitchen Rustic Mediterranean
Awesome Kitchen Rustic Mediterranean

To begin decorating your kitchen rustic Mediterranean, begin with a vibrant, yet cool color pallet. Colors like burnt orange and golden yellow have always been popular in rustic-style kitchens. Orange has been found to increase your appetite as well as to calm your nerves. It blends well with rich, dark cabinets and floors, and can be accented by many different textures and designs. A rich golden yellow may remind you of olive oil, which is used in almost all Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Stone flooring is also a popular feature of rustic décor.

Contemporary Mediterranean Kitchen with Rustic Pattern

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Large wooden tables, hutches, and china cabinets are very much in theme with your rustic kitchen. Anything thick and oversized that reminds you of the hills of Italy is the way to go. Openness is the key here, so you can display your multicolored canisters and old fashioned utensils on open shelving or in a hutch if you have one.

Fun Rustic Mediterranean Kitchen

As for accessories, think about iron and copper. You can purchase iron wall grills with intricate designs to bring in the rustic flare. Copper pots and pans extended from pots racks hanging from the ceiling are great accents. The fixtures can also be copper or bronze to pull the color around the kitchen and blend with the orange or golden walls. Also, do not forget lighting! Think of copper light fixtures and dimmer switches to keep the room to a warm glow while you are in the kitchen. The colors and textures mixed together will give you a relaxing space to cook and enjoy dinner with family.

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Steps for Decorating Kitchen Rustic Mediterranean

  • Choose colors that are warm and inviting. Bold reds and gold should be coupled with warm neutrals such as tan and brown. Draw from Mediterranean landscapes for inspiration. The blues of the seas and skies, tans and greens of grasses and wine colors can all be fitting for this design scheme.
  • Introduce texture into the wall treatments and fabrics. For a real rustic, cozy feel, opt for Venetian plaster treatments that give a tactile quality to the walls instead of flat paint. Instead of paint, you also can use textured wallpapers with aged-looking prints.
  • Try flooring that incorporates natural elements. For example, wood flooring is unbeatable in rustic style, especially if it features knots and pronounced grains. Terracotta and other ceramic tiles in warm neutral colors also are fitting for rustic Mediterranean style. Similarly, stone floors and countertops work well in this scheme.
  • Add luxury to the room with lightweight, flowing fabrics. The rustic quality of a space can be lost with heavy fabrics, which could transform the room into a more traditional style. Flowing tulle curtains and lightweight cotton bedding in warm cream colors work well in this space.
 Rustic Mediterranean Kitchen Style
  • Accessorize the space with vintage or reproduction pieces. Accessories with slight signs of wear and tear, such as chipped paint or patina metals, will complement this decor. Also, scrolling wrought iron is ideal for furniture and accessories.

Stylish Rustic Mediterranean Kitchen
For a warm and inviting twist on traditional European design, rustic Mediterranean decor is a popular interior design option. This design scheme draws from the sights of this historic and beautiful area. In kitchen rustic Mediterranean style, Greek and Italian style is blended together to create one cohesive and charming aesthetic. This style also is a favorite because of its use of durable materials and the overall versatility of the design.

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