Decoration for Wall Mounted TV Ideas

May 19th
Amazing Decoration For Wall Mounted Tv
Amazing Decoration For Wall Mounted Tv

Wall mounted televisions are usually the focal point of any room so they can be ugly eyesores if not properly decorated. Some homeowners choose to hide the wall-mounted televisions with custom-made cabinets, curtains or other coverings. Others decorate their televisions to create an attractive display. Below are some ways to decorate wall mounted TV ideas.
Tips to Decorate Wall Mounted TV Ideas
Shelves – Extend the visual impact of your television by installing shelves alongside or around it. For a modern look, try hanging a sleek, black floating shelf on either side of the television. Place a few simple items on each shelf, such as a vase, candles or a healthy green plant. Do not overcrowd the shelves with photos; a large group of photos would compete with the television program. If you want to display a photo or two on the shelves, use simple black and white photos. Place narrow, tall bookshelves on either side of the television. Add a console table underneath the television to bridge the gap between the shelves to give the television a built-in look.
Artwork – Your television is the main piece of “artwork” on your wall. This does not mean, however, that you can’t hang other pieces of art on the wall. It does mean that you need to carefully choose the design of the artwork. Avoid mirrors, which tend to create a “hole” in the wall when placed next to a wall-mounted television. Also, don’t hang art that is the same size as the television or you will create two focal points in the room and confuse the eye. Instead, try creating a grouping of several simple, small works of art. For example, group three or four smaller, abstract paintings or black and white photos next to the television. Use the same design of frame for a cohesive feel.
Architecture – Add items directly to the walls around your television to create a unique and custom design. For example, use ceiling molding to frame your television. Paint the inside of your framed area before mounting the television to make it stand out. Or install wainscoting behind the television. Run it from the floor to the ceiling, but make it only a bit wider than the television, leaving the rest of the walls free of the bead board. You can even use wallpaper borders to decorate the wall around the television.
Purchasing a new flat-screen television that is wall-mounted is an exciting prospect as you join the advanced digital age. Mount your television on the wall will create more space in the room, leaving room for furniture other than an entertainment center or television stand. Moving around artwork and other wall decor will allow you to display the television as either a focal point or blend in with the other decor are some ways to decorate for wall mounted TV ideas.

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