Creative Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens Images

Mar 20th
Best Small Kitchen Storage Ideas
Best Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

>Organizing your kitchen can be as easy as hanging and stacking items that were previously strewn about at random. Use these creative storage ideas for small kitchens images below to keep your small kitchen looking snazzy and a little effort will go a long way toward making your kitchen a great place to cook.

The List of Creative Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens Images

Basket for Beauty

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Baskets for Beauty – Conceal clutter and get organized by using baskets for storing small items out of sight. This one occupies an open shelf in the base of a kitchen island, adding texture and style while serving as functional storage.

Appliances’ Garage

De-clutter with an Appliance Garage – The less clutter on countertops, the more spacious your kitchen will appear. Create a storage space between upper and lower cabinets by adding doors, and use the cubby for hiding small appliances. Include an electrical outlet at the back of the cabinet for convenience.

Shelves for Storage and Display

Shelves for Storage and Display – Open shelves and white cabinetry keep the look airy in this kitchen corner. White and clear-glass dishware creates a pretty display, and is easily accessible.
Shelves that pull out can help maximize your storage space by making it more accessible. Instead of struggling to take out or maneuver around three rows of glasses or bowls every time you want access to an item at back of a cabinet, make it easy for yourself: have the shelf come to you with a convenient pull-out arrangement.

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Extended Viewing

Extended Viewing – A false wall behind pantry cabinets nudges the units forward, making a freestanding refrigerator look like an expensive built-in. Beside the fridge, built-in shelves provide easily accessible storage in an almost-hidden niche.

Wine Rack

Wine Rack Storage Ideas – Replace an enclosed cabinet above the refrigerator with a wine rack. Not into wine? The cubes can hold mineral-water, juice, or other bottles for a splash of color.

Wire Storage Baskets

Wire Storage Baskets – Increase the storage capacity of kitchen cabinets by installing pullout wire organizers. The shelves showed here fit around plumbing beneath the sink, maximizing storage and bringing cabinet contents into the light.
Other Ideas – Kitchens that don’t have a dishwasher are also often lacking room on the counter for a drying rack. If this is the case in your kitchen, get a hanging dryer that screws into the cabinets above your sink. Recently cleaned items can sit in the rack and drip directly into the sink below, and you won’t have to choose between sacrificing your limited counter or sink space for this necessary apparatus.
Free up more precious counter space in your small kitchen by installing a magnetic strip onto the wall for knives. This will eliminate the need for a large knife block to take up valuable countertop real estate, and still keeps them out of drawers where they could accidentally hurt someone.

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Storage Ideas for Small Kitchen

If you’re trying to contend with limited storage space, install a lazy Suzan into the corners of your cabinets. This will allow you to easily reach items that otherwise would have been forgotten because they were shoved into a hard-to-reach space. Supplement cabinet space by using hanging bars and S-hooks on the wall where you can place frying pans and dish towels.
In a small kitchen, cabinet and counter space is limited. By employing a few relatively simple creative storage ideas for small kitchens images, your space can be reclaimed.

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