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Apr 8th
Room Decor Ideas For Baby Boy
Room Decor Ideas For Baby Boy

Kids room decor ideas – The furniture, practical and with plenty of space to store, they are surely essential, but so are some imaginative ideas that, in addition to being decorative, delight your kids! To do this, you do not have big budgets. A resource very well received by children is to name “all”, especially when sharing.
A wooden letters in the front door, on the top shelf or in the headboard of his bed customize your stuff and make them feel “important”. In this effort to label or embroidery cannot leave out the option of using bags or baskets liners to indicate what kind of toys are going to get there, type ” puzzles ” , ” stories” , ” stuffed ” , etc. .
Another idea that is very practical for children, and that is very well , is to place tape trimmings on wooden panels lined decorative fabric (ideally flat ). Kids room decor ideas is an original alternative to classic cork panels. With tweezers, paint yourself playing with them – can hang notes, photos, birthday invitations, etc…
Finally, we cannot forget the queen of kids room decor ideas… Slates! You have a thousand options to place one in your room. From classic framed blackboard to table with a chalkboard, passing through the “chalkboard paint “that you can use on walls or furniture. And paint what I want!

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