Creating White, Black and Silver Kitchens

Mar 14th
White, Black and Silver Kitchen Ideas
White, Black and Silver Kitchen Ideas

Black and white kitchen is modern but usual. How about creating white, black and silver kitchens? If you want a more modern and sophisticated kitchen, one color palette to choose is white, black and silver. While the three colors may seem overwhelming, you can use various shades and materials to create the look you want for any size kitchen. Since using black and silver which included as dark paint often makes a room appear smaller, using white clear shelving and a white clear dining set can offer function without visually breaking up the space. Through the use of wood, paint, tiles and wallpaper, you can create the ideal kitchen.

Curved Italian Kitchen in White, Black and Silver

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Steps of Creating White, Black and Silver Kitchens

Idea of White, Black and Silver Kitchen

Before starting the job, you should prepare the tools and materials as follows: paint and supplies, wallpaper, tiles, cabinets, dining table, shelving and knickknacks.
First step, you can paint the walls with a light silver metallic paint. A metallic formula contains iridescent specks within the paint, which helps bounce light around the space, especially when black is incorporated into the kitchen. Alternatively, select silver wallpaper in a shimmering material with geometric patterns, such as stripes or circles, to create a modern space. Use black paint as the trim on ceiling and baseboard molding.
After that, install subway-patterned or 1-by-1 inch black, white and silver mosaic tile behind the sink as a backsplash, or behind the stove for architectural interest.
Then, hang black cabinets along the walls and select sleek, silver hardware to contrast with the cabinets and complement the wall covering. Black cabinets may also have glass or frosted panels to brighten up the entire kitchen. Stainless-steel counter tops and appliances keep the cohesive silver palette within the kitchen.

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White, Black and Silver Kitchen Design
Purchase a Lucite dining table and chairs. Lucite is a white clear material, which allows you to retain the function of a dining set without the visual heaviness of wood or steel in traditional sets.
Finish action is you should install Lucite or white clear glass shelving on the walls to allow for storage without visually blocking the wall’s surface. On the shelves, place black or silver knickknacks or decor to add personality into the space.

White, Black and Silver Kitchen Ideas
This is only one example for you to create white, black and silver kitchens. There are still many ways to reach it; you only need to explore your ideas and creativity. Vibrant, crisp, clean and sharp: A kitchen with white, black and silver interior design is undoubtedly an ideal setting irrespective of the fact, whether you prefer contemporary or classic, rustic or urbane.  The use of white, black and silver color does not only make the area airier and bigger, but also provide a clean canvas to efficiently showcase other relevant elements in order to create a functional, enchanting and inviting kitchen.

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