Create a Stylish Apartment Kitchen Design with Low Budget

Jul 20th
Vintage Stylish Apartment Kitchen Design
Vintage Stylish Apartment Kitchen Design

Fresh looking and stylish on a shoe string budget, with a functional, orderly approach to make maximum use of compact space, the apartment kitchen design is a delight to work and dine in.
More dash than cash is the theme of the modern apartment kitchen, with its sleek, glossy look based on light, bright, airy color schemes, flush surfaces and attention to even the minutest detail.

Apartment Kitchen Modern Design
Though space is at a premium, work, storage, cooking and dining areas are very convenient and comfortable; cupboards, appliances and overheads form clean, smooth-flowing lines and inventive storage arrangements keep utensils and china neat but handy. Especially decorative pieces can double as ornaments. Plenty of white creates an illusion of space, while practical window treatments, such as plain blinds, and compact, functional furniture create a streamlined, unfussy feel.
If you are starting from scratch, you are spoilt for choice by the newest ranges of materials and appliances on the market. However, if you are cheering up an existing kitchen, you needn’t spend a lot of money. Study the following tips for inspiration and clever ideas.

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 Clever Kitchen Design Compact Modern Apartment

Tips for Creating a Stylish Apartment Kitchen Design with Low Budget

When choosing wall color, go for white or clean, light or bright solid colors with a matt finish. Dark colors overpower a small space. To make the room seem larger, match wall color to worktops and wall units, perhaps with details picked out in contrasting colors. Tile or retile walls behind a worktop in plain tiles. You can tile over old one, and rejuvenate dull tiles with colored grout.
For window treatments, choose neat, tidy roller or venetian blinds. A London blind and curtains would be too fussy. Use blinds to introduce bright solid color or a striped or geometric pattern. Louvered shutters make a striking feature, while letting light in and hiding an ugly view at the same time.

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 Contemporary Apartment Kitchen Design
Choose flooring that is tough and easy to clean. Sheet linoleum and vinyl are inexpensive, comfortable and come in many color. Black and white geometric patterns look good, as do traditional tile patterned vinyl. Alternatively, go for pale wood, sealed for easy cleaning, or quarry or ceramic tiles; ceramic tiles come in many styles. They are costly, but you don’t need many in a small space.
Wall and ceiling mounted spotlight concentrate light where it is needed most. Choose discreet task lighting over worktops. Hide strip lighting beneath wall units. Subtle lighting in glass fronted cupboards shows off their contents. A rise and fall down light over the table provides general light when raised; an intimate pool of light when lowered.
 Kitchen Design Wooden Apartment
Laminated worktops are hard wearing, inexpensive and sold in a variety of styles, from pastel and primary colors to simulated wood, granite and marble. White laminated worktops and wall units look fresh and go with anything. Laminated worktops come in high gloss and more scratch resistant matt finishes.
To replace existing worktops, buy laminated board in cut lengths from DIY stores. Plain tiles are easy to clean and heatproof. Real marble, granite or slate or convincing reproductions add a touch of opulence and are virtually indestructible, but they are expensive.
 Modern Kitchen Apartment Design
Keep china dust free in glass-fronted units. For a similar light, but more casual look, some open shelving is cheaper and the contents more accessible. Pull-out cupboards with wire shelves and removable storage baskets are perfect. Fill high-level corners with plain shelves or corner cupboards with revolving carousel shelves. Use narrow spaces as tidy compartments for trays or wine bottles.
Select a stainless steel or white ceramic sink. Conceal refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers behind cabinet doors. Slim-line washing machines save space. Choose compact under-bench ovens that match units at plinth and worktop level.
 Small Apartment Kitchen Design Pictures
Small folding tables can be wall hung, or drop-sided types pushed against a wall for daily use and pulled out and expanded for parties. A large kitchen table is great, if space allows.
If cupboards leave no room for stools or knees, the ultimate space-saver is a pull-out eating surface. When closed, these table-tops look like drawers; when open they can seat on or two people. Some have legs attached and can double as work surfaces. You might prefer a purpose-built counter, attached to the wall by hinges and folded down when not in use.
Use wooden or chrome twist-up bar stools, or buy director’s chairs or smart tubular steel framed chairs with wicker seats to go with the kitchen table.

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 Studio Apartment Kitchen Design
The last thing you should do to get a stylish apartment kitchen design; you can replace your standard kitchen unit doors with new ones or remove some to make open shelf units. Increase storage space and keep essential utensils within easy reach by fitting wire wall grids, or a curtain pole or plumber’s copper piping to the wall. For a quick change, add coordinated storage jars, spice racks, paper towel holders, tea towels and oven gloves, or leafy house plants, and display framed posters.

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