Copper Kitchen Ideas Pictures

Feb 4th
Best Copper Kitchen Ideas
Best Copper Kitchen Ideas

will reveal a rustic style. Choosing a rustic design for your kitchen can give it a warm, inviting look that makes it an ideal spot for family and friends to gather. Natural materials are a significant feature in rustic design, so a combination of stone and copper surfaces is an ideal way to help you achieve this look. You can incorporate stone and copper into your kitchen in a variety of ways, but it’s typically best to concentrate on two or three key areas so you don’t overwhelm the space. While enjoying the ideas of designing a copper kitchen, you can see some copper kitchen ideas pictures.

Copper Kitchen Ideas Pictures: Gallery and Design Tips

Copper Kitchen Sink

11 Picture Gallery: Copper Kitchen Ideas Pictures

Stone Backsplash – A backsplash made of natural stone can instantly give your kitchen a rustic look. Choose from a variety of stone tiles to create a custom pattern for your backsplash that complements the rest of kitchen’s design. Slate is an ideal backsplash material for a rustic kitchen because its textured surface gives it a rough, rugged appearance. For a unique twist, try a backsplash made from limestone, which contains shells and fossils that give it a rustic, textured feel. Honed granite and marble tiles are also attractive options because they are treated with heat to create a rougher texture than that of traditional polished granite and marble. When choosing colors for your backsplash, warm earth tones such as beige, tan, caramel and brown provide the most rustic look.

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 Copper Kitchen with Wonderful Look

Copper Countertop – Copper countertops provide an ideal complement to a rustic stone backsplash. With its warm amber color, copper adds a cozy feeling to your kitchen and pairs well with wooden cabinets finished with a mid-toned stain. For the most rustic look, use hammered copper for your countertops. The textured look of the copper gives it a worn, weather-beaten look. In addition, your copper countertop may develop a brownish-green patina over time, which only increases its rugged charm.

 Copper Kitchen

Stone Flooring – When creating a rustic-style kitchen, you don’t have to stop with stone tile on your walls. Stone flooring can provide a natural look that works well with copper accents. Match the tile to your backsplash to create a unified look for the room or use a different stone tile for your floor to add texture and dimension. Try pairing a slate backsplash with soapstone flooring for a unique, rustic look that sets off copper surfaces.

 Kitchen Remodel with Copper Accents

Copper Appliances – One of the main issues you can encounter when designing a rustic style kitchen is finding appliances that fit the decor. Choosing copper appliances is an ideal solution because they provide a warm look that complements stone, wood and other materials used in a country style kitchen. You can find refrigerators, ranges and dishwashers that have a copper finish to match the rest of your kitchen’s decor and smaller copper appliances such as toasters and stand mixers that help finish off the room’s look. If you prefer a subtle look, consider adding a copper sink basin for a warm touch.

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 Mexican Style Copper Kitchen
Copper also creates a fresh, striking shiny appearance as a kitchen material. When selecting what kind of copper you want for your kitchen, you truly need some copper kitchen ideas pictures to  help you making the best decision.

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