City Rooftop Kitchen Design

Feb 18th
Rooftop Terrace with City Garden and Kitchen
Rooftop Terrace with City Garden and Kitchen

A rooftop deck can turn unused space into an area for relaxation and entertainment. Before you design your city rooftop kitchen, ensure that your roof is in good condition, drains properly and will support extra weight.

The Ideas of City Rooftop Kitchen

City Rooftop Kitchen

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Double-Decker Rooftop Kitchen Deck – Don’t limit yourself to one level if building codes allow you more. Instead, enclose approximately one third of your deck in a rooftop room, built on the end of your deck that is nearest your least-favorite view. Enclose the room on three sides and face the third side with screened, allowing you to enjoy your rooftop view even when weather conditions aren’t optimal and offering protection from the sun during hot weather. This room can double as storage space for your outdoor furniture during inclement weather. Add a second deck on top of this room, creating an upper level for better views and added open space. Place a patio table with a broad umbrella on this level for shaded full-view dining, then use lounge furniture on the lower level for cooking, sunbathing and other pursuits.

Tropical Tub – Design your rooftop kitchen deck around a tropical theme by building a deck around a sunken jetted tub. Leave the tub cool in summer for a refreshing soak, and then heat it up in the wintertime to keep the chill away. Frame the surface adjacent to the tub surround and fill it with dirt, then add real sod to create a true lawn experience for sunbathing and rooftop play (a manual “push” lawnmower or a string trimmer will be required to maintain your grass). Surround the deck with potted palm trees and other tropical plants. Add a small waterfall near the grass to create soothing sounds and cool spray as you enjoy your tropical rooftop. For shade, bolt a fabric-covered pool cabana or two beside the tub or lawn, and don’t forget a mini-fridge to keep your drinks cool all summer long. What amazing; you can enjoy your summer nicely after cooking all days.

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 Modern Kitchen Design at-Rooftop Apartment

Tea Garden – Give your rooftop kitchen deck a touch of class by creating a Japanese-inspired tea garden on top of your home or apartment building. Start with bamboo and natural stone decking surfaces, and add interest with a few different levels by raising the tea area two feet above the main deck height, then filling the lower deck area with white sand and decorative rocks, along with a stone bench and a rake, to create a living Zen rock garden experience. In the tea area, create a central focus with a low stone or bamboo table surrounded by floor cushions. Add a built-in stone fireplace that has a tea kettle hanging rack over the flames so you can boil water without having to carry it up from your indoor kitchen. If plumbing is available, a simple sink with an old-fashioned pump-style handle will complement the space nicely. Store serving pots and tea cups in insect-proof storage framed in natural wood, stone or bamboo to complement the look. Do not forget to store teas and snacks in the kitchen or a mini-freezer when not in use to avoid damaging them with heat or moisture.

Consult local building codes to make sure your city rooftop kitchen deck design will comply with regulations, and always use a licensed contractor or obtain the appropriate building permits and code information. Pay particular attention to safety rails, and never allow children to play on a roof deck unattended.

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