Choosing the Right Coral Kitchen Walls

Mar 8th
Coral Kitchen
Coral Kitchen

Coral is a tricky paint color that many people don’t list as a favorite, but actually it’s a terrific color that is just misunderstood. Coral is often associated with tropical or coastal interiors, and for that reason many people are hesitant to use it outside of an oceanfront environment. It does describe the warm hues that define actual coral reef. It is also the color you’ll see inside many sea shells, but don’t confine this color to a beach house.

Coral is also the color of the sky at dawn and dusk. You should believe that it is one of nature’s most eye-catching hues, and with a variety of tones that range from reds to rose to orange, it works well in many spaces, including kitchen. There are many coral colors, but what are the best coral kitchen walls? You should stay on the page!

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List of Coral Kitchen Walls

Red Coral – For a dose of drama, choose a rich shade of coral that has reddish undertones. This hue is a little softer than pure red, but is striking nonetheless. Italiano Rose 2087-30 by Benjamin Moore is a good pick to get this colorful paint.

Pink Coral – Because coral pulls from both red and orange, you’ll get the benefits of each color which results in a warm, cozy and cheerful space. The fiery, pink tones are very romantic, actually it’s perfect for the bedroom, but it’s also good for kitchen, especially for newly bride. The paint pick is Ardent Coral 6874 by Sherwin Williams.

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Salmon – Don’t let this color’s name turn you away. Salmon is between pink and peach, so it is playful and welcoming. In the open areas of your home, salmon can be a refreshing departure from more common neutrals such as tan and beige. Perky Peach 2012-50 by Benjamin Moore is good choice for your kitchen walls.

Blush – Light, pink tints are very elegant and bring a unique sophistication to a traditional space. With its delicate appearance, this quiet hue adds just a hint of color and warmth.  Paint pick for creating wonderful coral kitchen walls is Angelic 6602 by Sherwin Williams.

Rose – Muted warm pinks are often called rose. This understated color is often seen in historical and traditional spaces, and it is a mainstay in the Victorian color palette. To get this color, you can use Mellow Coral 6324 by Sherwin Williams.

Apricot – This color is pretty much synonymous with coral, but apricot tends to be earthier and more muted. A mid-tone apricot worked perfectly for the walls, while a lighter pink coral highlighted the tray ceiling. You can have this beautiful color by using Chrysanthemum 6347 or Smoky Salmon 6331 by Sherwin Williams.

Persimmon – This color leans more towards the orange side of coral, but you can still see its slightly reddish undertones. It’s a soft, mid-tone color that is reminiscent of the many rusty-orange hues of autumn. Fresno 020 by Benjamin Moore can help you to have this color for your kitchen.

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Orange Coral – This color can be best described as a vivid, fruity orange. It has strong red undertones, and it makes an amazing and unforgettable accent color. You can pick Daring 6879 by Sherwin Williams.

Coral kitchen walls are unusual, but they are unique and elegant colors to invite your cooking mood and appetite.

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