Choosing the Best Wall Mounted TV for Your Living Room

May 27th
Top Wall Mounted Tv For Your Living Room
Top Wall Mounted Tv For Your Living Room

When space is an issue, mounting up your HDTV on the wall may seem like a good idea. Not so fast there slick. Do you have a proper level? Have you done all your research? If not, it may be a good idea to check out these few tips before you begin hunting your dream wall mounted TV.
Wall Mounted TV’s Buying Tips
When purchasing a TV wall mount, consider these 5 things:
1) Price. Electronic House recently surveyed a $15 mount sold at and a $110 Monster wall mount sold at Best Buy. The result? Not too surprisingly, they found the $15 performed just fine compared to the $110 one, with a few reservations. “We would have preferred a more accurate bubble level and more robust drywall anchors included, but both were easily overcome by my iPhone and an inexpensive third-party anchor system.”
2) Weight supported. It’s always a good idea to check your tech specs to make sure the mount itself supports the allotted weight of the TV. Otherwise, you’re just asking for trouble.
3) Screen-size supported. Some mounts actually have differently shaped VESA mounts depending on screen size. It’s best to keep on eye on this as well.
4) Equipment required. While the iPhone has a decent bubble level app, we’d highly suggest making sure you have the proper equipment if you’re mounting something that relies so much on a proper level for optimum performance. Skimp on a $10 and you may end up with a eye-sore later on. Or simply find a mount that has the equipment all pre-included.
5) Got studs? As we’ve seen in previously under desired outcomes, forgetting to pre-drill and finding those studs can be a bad, bad thing. We’re guessing this won’t that big of an issue in the future when TVs weigh as much as the iPad, but for now, it’s something to think about. Find them. Pre-drill. Don’t forget to double check.

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Wall Mounted TV’s Installing Tips

No one likes ugly hanging wires, so it may be wise to consider some wire management. Wall mounted TV in a rental unit used to be living nightmare. But now that TVs are thinner, lighter, and easier to mount than ever, there’s really no excuse to not give it a go with all the available mounting solutions available today. Here’s some ‘best practice’ techniques that we highly recommend you check out.
When it comes to TV mounts, there’s plenty of freedom to explore. Using rails, you can easily route wires while pulling off a chic industrial look. Or, if you have lots of wooden details, you can mount a TV nearby so you can run the wires down the trims.
There is also plenty of furniture that emulates a wall to give that illusion of a wall-mounted look. IKEA has a number of these solutions if you’re looking for something on the cheap.
Finally, the key is to place the TV where it’s highly usable, but away from the center of focus (unless you’re constructing an all-out theater). This way, you still enjoy the benefits of a large piece of tech equipment on your wall without distracting from the rest of the room’s intended purpose. Happy shopping your dream wall mounted TV!

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