Choosing the Best Kitchen Hoods Design for Your Kitchen

Mar 28th
Panda Kitchen Hood
Panda Kitchen Hood

Kitchen hoods are those little devices that you have sitting over your stove. The majority of us don’t think much about our cooker hoods unless for some reason they stop working. As long as they ventilate the stove area and keep us from setting off our fire alarms while cooking, we’re typically satisfied with them. However, there are some people who have started to realize that the design of your cooker hood can actually affect the entire design of your kitchen. This is particularly true if you have a great stove that serves as a central design piece for the kitchen but it’s even true if you just have a normal stove. A stylish cooker hood can add to the kitchen’s design or even serve as a centerpiece for the decor of the room. Below are guidelines for choosing kitchen hoods design for your cooking area.

Types of Kitchen Hoods Design

Big Vent Hood
Venting – Venting kitchen stove hoods contain a fan that pulls the heat, vapors and cooking fumes up and out of the kitchen and house through an exhaust duct. Venting hoods may be connected to exhaust ducts that are long, chimney-like structures that vent out at the top of the house, or simply to vents that leak out of the back of the hood to the outside of the house.

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Recirculation Kitchen Hood

Recirculating – Recirculating kitchen stove hoods also contain fans. This type of stove hood does not pull fumes and vapors out of the house, but rather filters a bit of fumes out and recirculates the air back into the room. Recirculating kitchen stove hoods do not need vents or exhaust ducts. The commonly known under cabinet stove hood is also a recirculating stove hood.

Miele Kitchen Hood
Under Cabinet – This type of kitchen stove hood is named for its placement rather than its function. The under cabinet stove hood collects cooking fumes and prevents heat damage to the cabinet above the stove. Under cabinet kitchen stove hoods may be either venting or recirculating.

Modern Design Chimney Hood
Wall-mounted – Wall-mounted kitchen stove hoods may be vented or recirculating. They are often recognized by the unique feature of extending to the ceiling and venting out like a chimney.

Island Range Hood
Island Chimney – Stoves in a kitchen island utilize a chimney type of stove hood to vent away fumes. The island chimney sits above the kitchen stove and attaches to the ceiling. The stove hood is a chimney structure that draws the fumes out of the room to an exhaust duct that empties outside of the house.

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Panda Kitchen Hood
Kitchen stove hoods, or range hoods, are placed above most kitchen stoves to draw cooking vapors out of the house or prevent them from ruining the wall or cabinets above the stove. Kitchen stove hoods help to cool a room, prevent odors and prevent heat damage to cabinets and walls. There are several types of kitchen hoods design that can maximize your kitchen appearance.

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