Building an Outdoor Rooftop Kitchen

Feb 19th
Stainless Steel Rooftop Kitchen
Stainless Steel Rooftop Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen in Rooftop

It seems we never quite have enough space in our homes, especially if we’re living in the tightly packed quarters of a city. However, there may be one prime space that you’ve overlooked: your rooftop. Could you convert it into an entertaining space or a cozy afternoon reading nook? Maybe you’ve always wanted a small patch of garden; could your rooftop be the answer? Before lack of indoor space gets you discouraged, check out your rooftop. You may find that you see it in an entirely new light. If you love throwing dinner parties, consider decking your rooftop with a full dining set and go to design an outdoor rooftop kitchen. Candlelight always works to set a romantic glow, yet this wired chandelier completes the look with unexpected glam.

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Steps of Building an Outdoor Rooftop Kitchen

Outdoor Rooftop Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen expands your living space and creates more room to entertain friends and family. A covering for your outdoor kitchen can be made in a number of ways, with a variety of materials. Before you begin, decide if you want your outdoor space completely covered, partially covered or covered with a movable roof. Remember that parts of your outdoor kitchen should be covered at all times. Start with these ideas to design an outdoor rooftop kitchen.

Rooftop Fireplace and Outdoor Kitchen

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First step, choose a retractable awning for protection from the rain and bright sun. Leave it closed during pleasant weather.
Second step, build a pergola or lanai to provide partial shade. Grow vines that will climb over the top for protection from the elements and to add a green touch.

Rooftop Outdoor Kitchen

Third step, construct a traditional solid roof. Use attractive shingles that match your house on the top and paint the underside a color that won’t show soot or smoke from your barbecue.
Fourth step, hang a sun sail over the outdoor kitchen. A sun sail (sometimes called a shade sail) is an economical and attractive barrier to the sun and, depending on the fabric, can shelter your kitchen from the rain.

Rooftop Terrace and Outdoor Kitchen

Fifth step, install a ceiling fan in the roof to provide air circulation for both the cooking area and the entertaining areas. Make sure you choose a ceiling fan that is recommended for outdoor use.
Sixth step, include lighting in your outdoor kitchen roof design. Use direct lighting in the cooking area and softer lighting in the entertaining areas.

Stainless Steel Rooftop Kitchen

For a final touch, a grill and mini fridge prevent the hassle of going back and forth from your kitchen indoors, making it much easier to dine on the outdoor rooftop kitchen. In terms of aesthetics, don’t fear going bold. Make a statement with an unexpected color, like bright orange. Weather-resistant materials are available in a large variety of options these days, allowing you to choose one that makes just the impact you desire. Happy enjoying your days in your beautiful rooftop!

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