Bright Ideas for Outdoor Water Fountains

May 4th
Water Fountains For Pools
Water Fountains For Pools

Water fountains have been around for many years. A wide variety of outdoor garden fountains can fit any yard or patio design. Outdoor water fountains vary in size, shape, color, design and style. In addition, outdoor fountains offer beauty, tranquility and style to any yard, patio or garden area. When choosing an outdoor fountain, consider the location and the amount of space that is available for the size of the fountain.
Design Ideas for Outdoor Water Fountains
Wall Fountains – From gardens and balconies to patios and decks, installing a wall fountain adds elegance and charisma to your home. Commonly built from fiberglass, limestone or sandstone, wall fountains use less water than garden fountains, creating a sense of tranquility rather than a dramatic display. They are installed directly against a designated surface, hiding any unsightly machinery and wires inside the wall.
Tiered Spill Fountains – Tiered spill fountains have been around for years. The traditional style spill fountain resembles a bird bath with several levels or tiers. However, there are several styles available for tiered spill fountains including the waterfall fountain. Traditional tiered spill fountains are usually made of various types of stone. However, other styles of tiered fountains come in stone, metal, wood, ceramic and many other materials.
Tabletop Fountain – For homes that have limited patio or garden space, a tabletop fountain is the perfect solution. Tabletop fountains vary in size and style, but are a beautiful addition to the outdoor area. Some tabletop fountains resemble a miniature tiered spill fountain, while others may resemble a vase or bowl. Tabletop fountains are made from stones, glass, metal, wood, plastic and ceramic. These fountains are fairly inexpensive depending on the style chosen, and they take up very little space.
Statue Fountains – Statue fountains are probably one of the most popular fountains for any garden area. Most statue fountains are made of stone and metal. Some of the most common statue fountains available are angels, frogs, dolphins and lions. However, there are many more styles of statue fountains available online and in several home improvement stores to fit any style of yard design.
Garden Fountains – Consisting of a fountain, pump, electrical cord, control panel and power cord, garden fountains plug into an electrical outlet and are designed and built according to your specifications. Builders pour concrete or cement into a mold, forcing the fountain’s shape as materials dry and creating the garden fountain on site.
Solar Outdoor Fountains – Environmentally friendly solar fountains combine practicality and design. Available in terra cotta, copper, ceramic, resin and bronze, solar fountains include solar panels and a remote control so you can adjust the flow of water from afar. Unlike built-in fountains, you can take these with you when you move to another home.
Always consider the exterior of your home when decorating. Water fountains add ambiance to any landscape.  Install outdoor water fountains to heighten the visual appeal of your home and increase your property value.

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