Bright Ideas for Kitchen Wall Tiles

Jul 24th
Kitchen Wall Tiles Ideas
Kitchen Wall Tiles Ideas

Dark Kitchen Wall Tiles

Kitchen wall tiles give homeowners the chance to exercise their creative sparks. Through a clever use of colors, designs and styles, homeowners can create kitchens that resemble everything from a classic 1950s diner to an Italian villa. Even better, using wall tiles to add spark to their kitchens is a relatively simple process. Homeowners are limited by just one thing: their own imaginations.

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List of Kitchen Wall Tiles’ Ideas

Beautiful Kitchen Wall Tiles

The Vintage Diner Look – Do you remember the days of the roadside diner? You can still find these, of course, but they’re a fast-dying breed. You can, though, reproduce that diner feel in your own kitchen through the use of colorful wall tiles. You can take one of two approaches: By mixing red wall tiles with black grout, you can transform your kitchen into a retro diner classic. This is a bold move for some homeowners. But for others, it’s just right. You can also choose to intersperse black wall tiles among a field of white tiles. This, too, brings back memories of those old diners from the 1950s and ’60s. You can complete the picture by furnishing your kitchen with vintage toasters, ovens and other appliances. Tall bar stools can add even a bit more of diner feels.

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 Kitchen Wall Tiles

The Villa Feel – If transforming your kitchen into a retro diner is a bit too colorful for you, why not turn it into a Italian villa instead? You can find soothing light blue tiles decorated with roses and tulips, or white tiles decorated with rolling hills. Put them together, and you evoke the feel of an Italian villa right in your own kitchen. It’s a soothing scene perfect for early morning coffee and muffins.

 Modern Old Wall Tiles Kitchen Ideas

The Modern Look – Other homeowners prefer a more modern feel for their kitchens. You can accomplish this by interspersing grey and black wall tiles for your kitchen back splashes. You can even find kitchen wall tiles that already come decorated with stripes or small blocks of grey, white and black. By affixing these tiles to your kitchen walls, you create a space that’s sleek, clean and definitely modern.

 Rustic Kitchen Wall Tiles
Kitchen wall tiles give the wall a texture that cannot be accomplished through a flat paint. Wall tile has the advantage of being waterproof, unlike other wall covering options. This makes it ideal for kitchens where high levels of humidity and moisture can wreak havoc on wallpaper and paint.

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