Best Kitchen Design Mediterranean

Jun 1st
Old World Kitchen Design Mediterranean
Old World Kitchen Design Mediterranean

 Interior designers cannot begin to keep up with trendy home buyers looking to transform their humble abode into something straight out of a magazine. The past few years have witnessed a discovery of best kitchen design Mediterranean style decorating like never before. Rich in vibrant, bold colors and rustic in nature, hardwood, iron, marble, and leather are making American kitchens look like something straight out of Tuscany.

Creating the Best Kitchen Design Mediterranean

Mediterranean decor includes themes that are dark red or burgundy, much like their wine, accenting creamy stucco walls that are often seen embellished with fine tapestries. Olives and grapes are also no stranger to the Mediterranean appeal. Cobalt blue, burgundy and bright yellows are naturally used as accent pieces or it can be found on ceramics throughout the Tuscan style home as well. Kitchens are by far the most popular room to transcend from blah too beautiful with wrought iron wine racks, sculptured stucco ventilation range hoods, designer glass counter tops, and Tuscany accessories. Chances are that your Mediterranean style kitchen will feature at least one window filled with brightly colored ceramic or terra cotta pots of fresh herbs like oregano or basil. Terra Cotta has made a huge come back, along with rustic textures, and hues of gold and reds in the kitchen. If you love the feel of Mediterranean, then chances are that your kitchen has a set of iron candle holders or wall sconces to set the tone. Is not complete until you have Italian style dinnerware sitting on European tapestry place mats, a Mediterranean table scape including iron candle holders or brightly colored pottery spread out on a dark wood dining table. In making your decision to go Mediterranean, you have brought in the elements of nature by using pieces that are sturdy and naturally made. A typical Tuscan home will have traditional marble floors, mosaic tile designs, or trendy dark wood flooring covered with a Mediterranean style area rug embossed with vibrant designs.

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Contemporary Mediterranean Kitchen in Blue

Considering the Best Kitchen Design Mediterranean for Your Home

The first thing which you should know is that the Mediterranean design is preferred by many people, actually more than you probably think. The surveys show that people are well-informed about the Mediterranean kitchen design determine it as the most beautiful and the most desired style for their own kitchen. However, designing a kitchen in a Mediterranean style could cost you quite a lot of money. Maybe, some of you are wondering why that is and they are actually going to get their answer until the end of the article because right now we are going to inform you in details about the way which a Mediterranean-styled kitchen looks.

 The Luxury of Mediterranean Kitchen Design

Let’s start with the fact that choosing a Mediterranean style and design for your kitchen means that it has to be quite big, even large. Yes, it sounds surprising but the research shows that those sorts of kitchens are around two times bigger than the kitchens in North America or East Europe. Actually, a Mediterranean designed kitchen could be just as big as your living room, which is not practical at all to some people.
The material used for the floor of a kitchen in a Mediterranean style is usually wood. Some of you are perhaps surprising but you have no idea how stylish it looks. And the kitchen cabinets are also made of wood as there is not variety of colors. That makes all Mediterranean designed kitchens look very stylish and modern but at the same time they are not too “colorful”.

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 Vintage Traditional Mediterranean Kitchen
To sum up, it is advised you to choose the best kitchen design Mediterranean. However, you should first think about whether it will suit the overall atmosphere in your home. You must agree that if you live in a home full of vivid colors, a Mediterranean styled kitchen would look kind of inappropriate.

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