Accessories for Italian Style Kitchen Decor

Jul 25th
Luxury Italian Style Kitchen Decor
Luxury Italian Style Kitchen Decor

Italy is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. People are charmed by the food, sights and architecture. Many people also fall in love with the Italian style kitchen decor. Thankfully, there are a few elements of Italian-style decor that anyone can incorporate into his or her kitchen and create a little piece of Italy anywhere in the world.
Tile is the first thing you should pay attention in Italian kitchen. Tile is a very Italian element to a kitchen, and an easy, practical way to incorporate an Italian feel into a room. This can be done by simply taking warm-hued tiles for use as coasters, or more elaborately with a Tuscan tile mural. Large tile pieces can be mounted individually as art objects. Tuscan colors are always warm tones, usually pear, ivory, olive or gold, which give rooms a comfortable, lived-in feeling. One easy, inexpensive way to create an instant Italian feel in a kitchen is to replace the backsplash behind the counter with Tuscan-style tiles. Pair that backsplash with a similar wall color, and you’re well on your way to Italian living at home.
The other important element of Italian style kitchen decor is lighting. The hallmark of Italian style is well-lit, airy spaces, as well as clever use of space. This is another reason that Italian style may be so appealing–it works with any size or shape kitchen, and just requires you to use your imagination a bit. Lighting should never be overly bright or garish, but rather subtle and warm like the colors of the room. Italian design incorporates a lot of lamps, or low overhead lighting. Where counter space is at a premium, consider small wall sconces, or track lighting.
Furniture and accessories are things that play important role in your Italian kitchen style. Italian-styled furniture is weathered and functional. Depending upon the size of your kitchen, you may opt to include a dark wood hutch in which to store china and glassware. Smaller kitchens can opt for a wire rack upon which to hang pots and pans. In order to maintain the airy feel of rooms and better use the light, many Italians use strategically placed mirrors throughout the room.
These can be unobtrusive, with frames similar to the wall color to blend in, or more elaborate with large, dark wood frames. Clay pots with green vines can be placed strategically around the room, and in unused spaces like above the cupboards or in corners. Naturally, every Italian kitchen has a wine rack, which comes in a variety of sizes and styles, but lend that extra Italian touch to any space.Since the kitchen is typically the center of an Italian home, it makes sense to start there. Collect those accessories to complete your Italian style kitchen decor and feel like you are in Italy.

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