A visit to the Unique French Bathrooms

Mar 21st
French Country Bathroom Sinks
French Country Bathroom Sinks

French country bathroom turns out that in the vast majority of French bathrooms the toilet is separate, in a room separate from the rest of the artefacts. A hovel should say, in general. To this point, the euphemism for the place is “petit coin”, corner. We said that this “petit coin “is isolated from all other artefacts. Yes, also the bidet. Even in the most modern departments is difficult to escape this health -exclusionary discrimination. The closet, the toilet, if you’re lucky, something that happens only a few times – has the company of a tiny sink.
In most cases, even that. Furthermore, if all that were not enough, almost always solitary tiny toilet is located immediately next to the entrance door of the house! If whatever you have to wash your hands …Let me write it, please! It ended in “… spend”, but changed my mind. If you have widely varying reasons that washing your hands, you’re going to have to do with the toilet water. Yes, because you will not have another (‘ve thrown before the string, that is). Or have to leave where you are with your silver hands and move to the “salle de bains” -if it is not occupied, to use the toilet there are. Because that, where is the toilet – is he closet – and, where the bathtub is “la salle de bains”, the bathhouse of French country bathroom

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