A Guideline for Mediterranean Kitchen Designs

Mar 7th
Sweet Mediterranean Kitchen Design
Sweet Mediterranean Kitchen Design

Mediterranean theme comes back into fashion, especially since the designer house stray far from solid and neutral decor postmodern. The house is now increasingly inspired by the warm colors of southern Europe and North Africa: graceful blend of culture, a mix of old and new that never fails to brighten up the home. And as is often the case in the design of the house, the first place to make changes is usually the kitchen. If you’re looking for kitchen design ideas that really stand out, Mediterranean kitchen designs are everything what you need.

Luxury Italian Mediterranean Kitchen

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The Elements of Mediterranean Kitchen Designs

Various elements can go into Mediterranean kitchen, but that does not mean it will be complicated. In fact, the best thing about the design is its diversity; since there are so many themes and cultures involved, you have a wide variety of design options. You can go for bright colors or muted, making life or relax, or make your kitchen as small or large as you want. It’s really just about your creativity and your budget that limits you. To help you get started, below you can read some helpful tips on designing Mediterranean kitchen.

Mediteranian Mix and Match Kitchen Design

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The first thing you should consider is creating color priority. Color plays an important role in the design of the Mediterranean. Since the kitchen in this area often doubles as a dining room, you need colors that make a room more inviting than just a place to prepare food. The ideal color palette is relaxing and conducive colors to work in the kitchen. For most, this will be a personal choice. Try browsing through kitchen photos and ask yourself the kitchen you want to work in. Mediterranean colors inspired by the three major regions: Africa, Greece, and Provence. Greece is all about color contrasts, such as the white-washed walls and blue border. Provence is more about floral theme with sunflowers, lavender, olive, and dark green dominate the kitchen. An African theme focuses on earth tones such as terra cotta and sienna, accented by sunset colors like purple, orange and red. Also take regular job routine into account: bright colors may be more practical to make great meals, while warmer tones may be more appropriate for a family gathering.

Mediterranean Design Theme Kitchen

Remain bright and open is the other essential things for Mediterranean kitchen designs. Open space is a key element in designing a Mediterranean kitchen. The house was built around the early Mediterranean courtyard or garden, thus emphasizing all access to the outdoors. Most modern kitchens are built next to the backyard, so it can be as simple as opening multiple windows. If climate, space and budget allows, an outdoor kitchen would be a nice choice, or at least extend to your backyard with a grill and some extra counter space. If you have limited access to the outside, a good alternative is to keep an open layout. It means freeing as much floor space as possible, and minimize the use of furniture and other equipment. You can go for a small kitchen table and just put a small coffee corner near the window. Another thing you can do is use open storage, where everything just hangs within easy reach-create the illusion of space and help you work more efficiently.

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Mediterranean Kitchen Design Berloni America
The next basic thing you should consider is use light natural materials. As with other theme of “period”, Mediterranean design puts a lot of focus on cheap natural furniture. Wood and stone make the most of the fixtures, including counters, floors, furniture, walls and ceilings. Clay and ceramics are also widely used, particularly in flatware. Stock up on ceramic bowls and plates and handmade utensils. Because they are recycled and heat-efficient, they are also a good way to build eco-friendly kitchen. Patterns and colors can help liven up the kitchen all-natural look. Natural materials tend to come in neutral colors, but with some creative flair, they can actually set your room apart. Try using mosaic tiles on your floor or getting hand-painted clay bowls. If you are planning to use counter backsplash, geometric or floral pattern  will give nice accents, it is a good option if only you pick a color that complements your theme, and you have the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen.

Mediterranean Kitchen Designs
Soften with fabrics is the last essential key to design a wonderful Mediterranean kitchen. It’s easy to go overboard when you’re working with stone and ceramic. Often times, people end up with a kitchen that is cold and unwelcoming, everything is all hard surfaces. That’s why it’s important to accessorize-it softens the look of your kitchen while allowing you to use natural materials. One way to reach this purpose is by completing your kitchen with a kitchen cloth: curtains, table cloth, carpet or rug, and wall spread. Choose one based on your needs and tastes. Don’t forget to choose one that fit with your theme and space. Kitchen rug is ideal choice because they have double duty as a floor protector. Most carpet for the kitchen made of synthetic such as polypropylene, or natural fibers such as sisal or bamboo hard. These usually come in various colors and patterns, so just a matter of matching the subject. You can put one in the middle of the room if you have the space, or under your dining table as an accent.

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Sweet Mediterranean Kitchen Design
The Mediterranean kitchen designs are the central for the Mediterranean home, so make sure it goes with your theme as well. Again, natural ingredients to take center stage: wood or stone counter, a nice round wooden table, or a little coffee nook with rattan chairs. If possible, stock up on clay and ceramic pieces such as bowls and plates. Hand-painted pieces that complement your color scheme can help create the right atmosphere. Look for geometric patterns such as squares and circles, or soft, spinning lines such as flowers, trees and climbing vines. Do not forget to accessorize-even if it’s just a pot rack or wall painting, it helps to add life to your space and keep it from looking generic.

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